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Global Partnership Business

KOTRA’s Offline GP Programs

KOTRA offers a wide range of online and off-line Global Partnership Programs for SMEs and middle-standing enterprises in the materials/p- arts/equipment sectors. The programs mediate Korean SMEs’ supply deals with global manufacturers, build the capabilities of Korean ente- rprises through R&D support and training on overseas certification, and ultimately helps them access the global value chain.

  • Meetings KOTRA offers opportunities for meetings with global enterprises with needs for cooperation with Korean enterprises.

    • 국내외 종합상담회 이미지
      Business Meetings KOTRA organizes mass business meetings in Korea and overseas with interested global enterprises across two or more industries.
    • 산업별 전문상담회
      Industrial Meetings KOTRA organizes 1:N meetings and meet-ings during exhibitions with global enter- prises from specific manufacturing sectors, including auto parts, shipbuilding materials, and aviation.
    • 1:1 화상상담
      1:1 Video Meeting GP supports digital meetings with enterpris-es matched through GP using BuyKOREA’s meeting arrangement/video meeting system.
  • BriefingsYou can access vivid overseas market information.

    • 온·오프라인 세계시장 동향세미나 이미지
      Online/Offline Global Market Trend Seminars Purchasing managers from global enterprises and other speakers from various fields offer explanations on local market trends to Korean compa-nies, including the North American auto parts industry trends.
    • 해외전시회 리뷰 설명회
      Overseas Exhibition Review Seminars KOTRA offers seminars led by global industrial experts, where they provide up-to-date information from global exhibitions and expos outside of Korea.
  • Overseas ExpansionKOTRA helps Korean companies open offices near overseas buyers.

    • Overseas GP Centers KOTRA offers office spaces for Korean companies at key locations around the world so that global companies can operate in proximity to Korean enterprises, where dedicated KOTRA staffs offer assistance with your business with Korean companies.
    • Locations Detroit, Nagoya, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Mexico City, Athens, Kuala Lumpur (possible future additions include SiliconValley, Munich, and Osaka)
    • Residential Target - Companies that need to remain on-site at the request of overseas global enterprises.
      - Companies that consider opening liaison offices, branches and corporations abroad.
    • Supporting Materials Offering office space, supporting marketing, consulting industry experts
    • Tenancy Period One year (up to seven years) / and maximum of two areas per
    • Pre Overseas GP Center We will check whether KOTRA staff and experts can deliver to overseas companies on behalf of domestic companies that cannot go there directly due to COVID-19 issue.
    • Residential Target A company that is preparing to set up a local base for partnering with overseas global enterprises, but is difficult to enter due to the COVID-19 issue.
    • Supporting materials Consultation with overseas global enterprises, consulting on the utilization of industrial experts, and marketing promotion using KOTRA's public relations platform, etc.
    • Tenancy Period One year / Up to two areas can be moved in per company
  • R&DKOTRA provides funds for your product development.

    • Global demand partnership technology development project (Partner : TIPA)
    • R&D Funding Program KOTRA provides funding to help SMEs develop prototypes of new products requested by global enterprises
    • Eligibility SMEs with partnership offers from global enterprises (must have ‘Foreign Company Credit Search’ ratings of E or higher)
    • Contents Confirm authenticity related to KOTRA's global demand,
      and support technology development funds for SMEs selected as prototype development project by TIPA (within 5 billion won )
    • how to apply Apply directly to the technology-development comprehensive management system of Ministry of SMEs and Startups (
    • Global demand partnership R&D support project (Partner : KIAT )
    • Overview Support SMEs with technological prowess to advance into Global markets through joint R&D based on demand
    • Target SMEs that hold the demand of global enterprises *Technology development funding support for SMEs with global enterprise's purchase intent or Technology development request
    • Content ( KOTRA ) Global demand discovery support and demad verification,
      ( KIAT ) Select project and Support R&D funding ( within 10 billion won per year, up to 3 years )
    • How to apply on the website of KIAT ( of the task management system ( to the attached file of the notice
  • EducationKOTRA offers programs to help you meet global enterprises’ requirements.

    • Education & Training Programs KOTRA offers technical guidance and education/training to improve Korean enterprises’ capabilities to satisfy the strict production/quality control/technical requirements of global enterprises.
    • how to apply According to the schedule, open recruitment from one month before the implementation of the business (KOTRA website, newsletter, etc. Reference)
    • Main Curriculum (example) IATF16949:2016, MMOG/LE, VDA 6.3, Core Tool 등
    • Digital due diligence We support online factory due diligence for buyers who have difficulty on business trips due to COVID-19.
    • Business Overview Offer online factory due diligence services to Korean small-and medium sized businesses that are struggling with offline factory due diligence.
    • Target companies Korean companies seeking to cut costs and time spent on onerous due diligence. ※ Korean companies want to execute a deal using KOTRA's expertise and dependability
    • Supporting materials Live streaming video filming and interpreter casting support
    • Application Inquiry KOTRA KOTRA Materials, Components and Equipment Team( 02-3460-7644,

Global Partnership Business Centers

54 of the 127 KOTRA offices focus on supporting global partnership between global enterprises and Korean manufacturers.

GP Business Centers By Region

List of GP key trade officers who can learn about regional headquarters, trade views, and email
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