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What is GP?

Global Partnership GP provides detailed information on Korean
materials, parts, and equipment suppliers.

  • Materials, parts, and equipment
    Materials, parts, and equipment GP is a platform used to find Korean materials, parts, and equipment suppliers easily. GP supports partnerships between Korean suppliers and overseas global enterprises.
  • Korean supplier DB
    Korean supplier DB Also we can help you to access various information on Korean companies, products, manufacturing capacities, and R&D capabilities. And you can check their reliability such as financial information.
  • Diverse partnership models
    Diverse partnership models After that, you can register your proposals (partnership offers) to cooperate with Korean suppliers, who will look into your proposals and send their proposals to you. You can register various partnership models such as purchasing, manufacturing services (OEM/ODM), investment, and joint R&D.
  • Marketing opportunities
    Marketing opportunities Do you want to meet with promising Korean suppliers? we can offer you a wide range of marketing events such as 1:1 business meetings, exhibitions, seminars, etc.

GP supports diverse forms of global partnership.

  • Product Purchase
    Product Purchase Purchase automatic parts, etc. from experienced Korean enterprises
  • Technical Cooperation
    Technical Cooperation Request co-research and develop-ment with Korean enterprises with innovative capabilities
  • Service Partnership
    Service Partnership Consign production to Korean ent-erprises with production know-how
  • Funding
    Funding Invest in promising Korean ventures or create joint ventures

GP provides detailed information on Korean materials,
parts, and equipment suppliers.

Korea is a manufacturing powerhouse with high-level technologies & production capabilities, and a world-leader in the memory semiconductor, OLED panel, ABS resin, and shipbuilding industries. The following list contains industries Korea has well developed, specifically; their materials, components, and equipment:
Korea’s world-leading industries
Top 5 Countries in Export (2020)
Memory Semiconductor 1st OLED Panels 1st
ABS Resin 1st Shipbuilding 1st
Cold Rolled Steel 1st EV Battery 2nd
Electronic Components 3rd Auto Parts 4th
Korea’s materials, components and equipment companies have expanded their collaboration with global key players, evident by the increased export amount of materials and components.
In the last two decades alone, Korean suppliers' exports have increased more than fourfold.
< Amounts of Materials, Parts, and Equipment Export in Korea >
USD 61.9 billion
USD 262.4 billion
< Percentage of Materials, Parts, and Equipment Export in Korea >
In the last two decades alone, Korean suppliers' exports have increased more than fourfold.

As a business platform, GP is distinguished from BuyKOREA in the following ways.

BuyKOREA, Global Partnership
  BuyKOREA Global Partnership
Purpose Help overseas enterprises purchase Korean products Support business cooperation between Korean and overseas enterprises including delivery, technical cooperation, service partnership, and funding
Industry All industries Focuses on Korea’s main manufacturing sectors
(Automobiles, IT and electronics, energy and plant, machinery and heavy equipment, shipbuilding, aviation, etc.)
Business information Focuses on general marketing information Specializes in manufacturer information
Offer type Buying offer Partnership Offer

GP is the online version of KOTRA’s Global Partnership Programs.

KOTRA’s Global Partnership Programs are aimed at helping Korean SMEs and middle-standing enterprises in the materials/parts/equipment sectors become vendors of global enterprises.

GP focuses on business-to-business matching, which forms an early stage of KOTRA’s global partnering services. duction, processes, and R&D capabilities. You can request meetings with enterprises that you wish to partner with, among the Korean enterprises that responded to your offer.

< Global Partnership Business promotion process >
Global Partnership
  • Global enterprise registers partner-ship offers
    Global enterprise
    KOTRA Offices
  • Korean enterpri-ses respond to the offers
    Korean enterprise
    KOTRA, Partners
  • Select enterprises to partner with
    Global enterprise
  • 1:1 meeting
KOTRA provides off-line support
  • Launch project
    Korean enterprise
  • Conclude contract
    Global enterprise
    Korean enterprise

GP is joined by numerous global enterprises.