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What you get

  • Fresh partnership
    opportunities from overseas enterprises to Korean businesses
    At GP, global enterprises register wide-ranging business offers for product purchasing, financing and R&D cooperation powered by new technologies. Global enterprises with multiple offers are featured in the “Promising Partners” menu.
  • Chance to take up
    partnership offers
    Become a GP member by registering information on your products, production lines, R&D capabilities, and quality control. Korean companies can find and respond to partnership offers from Global enterprises that suit your needs.
  • Wide-ranging business
    opportunities linked with various marketing projects
    GP offers a wide range of business opportunities that match Korean companies with global enterprises through KOTRA’s marketing projects such as partnership meetings and online exhibitions.
  • Project-specific coaching
    services for Korean enterprises
    KOTRA’s experts with extensive understanding and experience in the industry and business provide bespoke consulting services for each project.

Contact Us

A brief history of Global Partnering Support Program
Launched in 2010, KOTRA’s Global Partnering Support Program has achieved significant results over the last decade.
In 2020, over 1,100 global enterprises overseas and 2,000 Korean suppliers participated in the program.
Please contact local GP center which has 54 centers across 29 countries
KOTRA operates 54 GP Centers in several regions, such as North and South America, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and India. We would like to seamlessly serve your demands and connect them with Korean suppliers.
KOTRA's Global Partnership website is an online platform that discovers proposals from overseas global companies and opens the way for Korean companies to continue to cooperate with foreign companies. KOTRA will continue to expand opportunities for business partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises and global companies in domestic manufacturing such as automobiles, shipbuilding, machinery, and power.
KOTRA Dept. of Main Industry
T. +82 -2-3460-3254
13, Heollenung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code: 06792)
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